Giroves Escursioni Baunei

It is very difficult to do it with wordswords, we will try with some pictures to describe the very wide area of Baunei, because it cannot be compared with any other place in the world. We don’t want to say that it is the most beautiful, the most panoramic, the wildest or most uncontaminated place, no, but we can say, without exaggerating, that the Supramonte in Baunei is different from anything else. The gullies (Baccus), which from 1000 m slope to the sea, the ancient shepherds’ and coalmen’s trails, which are intact and always the same over time, the very high cliffs, the spectacular caves “Del Fico” and “Su Meraculu”, the century-old forests of holm oaks and the thousand-year old olive trees, the archaeological sites of the Golgo plateau and the small village of Santa Maria Navarrese, the charming dazzling white beaches that contrast the emerald green and intense blue of the very clean sea of Ogliastra, like Cala Mariolu, make the excursions in Baunei unique and unforgettable. At Giroves Escursioni we invite you to admire these beauties with easy walks for the whole family, jeep and walking tours, with return by boat or, for the bravest, more technical and challenging hikes like the Selvaggio Blu.

If you are DIY hikers, we offer the logistic support with cars or boats and the dinners during your stopovers.

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