Rent a rubber boat in Santa Maria Navarrese

Discover Cala Mariolu and the other wonders of Ogliastra in total freedom

If you want to spend an unusual day by the sea in total freedom, with your rhythms and time, you should rent a rubber boat in Santa Maria Navarrese.

With our 4.80-, 5.50- and 5.80-meter long rubber boats with 40hp engines you will be able to stop in the most beautiful bays along the coast of Baunei Santa Maria Navarrese: Pedralonga, the small fjords of Portu Cuau and Portu Pedrosu, Cala GoloritzĂ©, Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriola, Cala Sisine and Cala Luna. If you leave the rubber boat in a comfortable and secure mooring, you can have a refreshing stop in the enchanting Grotta del Fico, the last shelter for monk seals.

You will find us at the marina in Baunei-Santa Maria Navarrese.

Renting a rubber boat is very easy and cheap. Book now!