Traditional sardinian dinner in Baunei

Roasted suckling pig in Baunei

In a friendly atmosphere, typical of the country houses in Ogliastra, a few km away from Santa Maria Navarrese, Baunei, Triei, Tortolì and Arbatax, you will delight your palate with the simple and genuine dishes of the Sardinian homemade cuisine:

the bread (“Pistoccu” and “Turredda”) baked in our brick oven, the hams and the locally produced “Sa randula”, “sacorda”, the fresh pasta (“Culurgiones” and “Strangulaus”), the goat meat and the suckling pig from Baunei, the cheeses produced by local shepherds, the typical homemade desserts, the wines and liqueurs, all produced in the area.

You might relax in the large garden with a small playground for children and play with the funny little donkey “Biondo” or with the docile mare “Steddada”.

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Ph.: +39 3404853401

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